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PCD Centres

Specialist centres

PCD is diagnosed at one of three specialist centres which are funded by the NHS Specialised Services (unfortunately, the Northern Service does not currently do diagnosis). Your paediatrician or adult respiratory physician can refer you for diagnosis. Once diagnosed you or your child will be seen in one of the four specialist centres.

Centre Name Lead Consultant
  Diagnosis Paediatric Management Adult Management
Central England, Leicester/Birmingham

Prof Chris O’Callaghan

Dr Manjith Narayanan
Dr. Priti Kenia

Dr. Simon Range
Royal Brompton Hospital, London Prof Claire Hogg Dr. Siobhan Carr Prof Michael Loebinger
Southampton General Hospital Prof Jane Lucas Dr. Woolf Walker Dr. Mary Carroll
Northern Service,
N/A Dr. Evie Robson
Dr. Eduardo Moya
Dr. Daniel Peckham