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Our Vision

We are PCD

We are here for those affected by PCD. We talk about PCD as widely as possible and we champion research to improve its diagnosis, management and treatment.

We do this by:

  • Providing a source of information about PCD, its research and its treatments through our website and social media
  • Connecting our UK based PCD community via online forums, social media and live events
  • Helping people in the UK access specialist PCD services
  • Working alongside researchers, doctors and other organisations to encourage the future direction of PCD research and treatments
  • Putting people affected by PCD in touch with other organisations who might be of help (such as for benefits enquiries)
  • Providing small grants for specific needs (such as equipment) to individuals and families affected by PCD
  • Raising awareness of PCD in the medical community, so that more healthcare professionals are aware of this condition