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Life Insurance

We recognise how difficult it can be to arrange life insurance when living with PCD. As a result, we have partnered with Cura Financial Service, who specialise in finding protection insurance for people that have pre-existing health conditions.

Cura offer 3 routes to access insurance policies:

Option 1 - Speak to an Adviser:

By speaking to one of Cura’s advisers you will be in safe hands. Their empathetic and qualified advisers can talk to you about your needs and will do their best to find a policy that matches you.

Policies they offer include:

●     Life insurance

●     Critical Illness Cover

●     Income Protection

●     Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance


Cura can be contacted by one of the following methods:

●     Call 01723 516600        

●     Visit their website: Link to the Cura Website

●     Email: [email protected] 


Option 2 - Buy Online - EverdayProtect

We understand that not everyone wants to speak to someone to buy insurance. You might just want to get on with things without getting advice.  So Cura offers access to the Metlife EverdayProtect policy online.

This affordable cover provides financial support, 24/7 worldwide, for things like broken bones and life-changing injuries. It also includes much more including cashback for hospital stays in the UK (including pre-existing conditions and other health conditions once you’ve held the policy for 12 months).

With EverydayProtect, you will also have access to the Wellbeing Support Centre, that offers expert resources for a more positive future. You can have this protection for as little as £9 per month, with additional cover options for active lifestyles and children starting from £1 per month.

For more information or to quote this cover, please visit: the Cura Website


Option 3 - Buy Online - Over 50s Life Insurance

Over 50s life insurance is a popular way for people to plan for things like funeral expenses. You can access this insurance through Cura’s online systems without having to wait to get advice.

Over 50s Life Insurance is an easy way to buy life cover with no medical questions or medicals needed. Making sure that your loved ones have enough money to help pay for a funeral, or just to help with general finances when you are gone and Over 50s life insurance can really give you peace of mind.

Over 50s policies work by having an exclusion on death by natural causes/health conditions in the first 6-24 months of any policy. If death occurs in this timeframe, most insurers refund the premiums paid.

For more information or to quote this cover, please visit the Cura Website

Frequently Asked Questions

We know it can be difficult to find answers or information about life insurance when you live with PCD so here are some common questions answered:

It can be difficult to find insurers who have a good knowledge of PCD, due to it being quite a rare condition.  The good news however is that there are insurers who can often offer cover, it’s finding the right one that can be the challenge.

You are usually better seeking the help of an expert to help navigate the market; a good broker knows the insurance market so can take away all the running around and research for you.

Most life insurance policies are ‘underwritten’.  This means there is an assessment of your health which goes towards the cost of the policy.  Most life insurance policies will cost more if you have PCD. Life insurance is cheap so when there is a price increase it’s usually a lot less than people expect. Most life insurance policies will not exclude claims relating to PCD, but you must check the terms and conditions of your cover.

Most life insurance policies that have been taken out before you were diagnosed will still cover you without any changes to your premium.  It’s important to check with your provider or adviser though, and failing that you can ask Cura who will advise you.

This is much harder than life insurance as many insurers will not offer this, but there are some instances where cover can be offered. There are also some specialist routes where you can get cover like this, but most of these will have an exclusion for any claim relating to PCD.

It’s always worth having a chat with an adviser at Cura for a no obligation chat about what insurances you can have.

There are many insurance brokers and financial products out there and we take no responsibility for the decisions you take in identifying suitable insurance. Whilst we are pleased that Cura have been able to help some of our community find insurance products, you should ensure you do your due diligence in finding a product that meets your needs. We are not able to advise who you should buy insurance through, and we take no responsibility for the outcomes of your decisions in this regard.