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Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD) is an inherited, relatively rare condition associated with the abnormality of cilia (microscopic hairs that beat in the airways, sweeping secretions out of the respiratory tract).  PCD may affect the lungs, nose, sinuses, ears and fertility.

The condition involves recurrent infections in the nose, ears, sinuses and lungs. If left untreated can lead to a form of lung damage known as a ‘bronchiectasis’.

Up to 50% of patients with PCD also have dextrocardia (heart on the right side) and situs inversus (internal organs on opposite side to normal).

The mainstay of treatment for people with PCD is regular chest physiotherapy to clear secretions from the lungs and targeted antibiotics to treat infections. PCD can affect people in a variety of different ways, but when managed well, most with the condition lead relatively normal lives.

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