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Fertility Awareness Week 2023

National Fertility Awareness Week 2023 is happening from October 30th to November 5th. We, at PCD Support UK, saw this as a perfect opportunity for our PCD community to come together, share our experiences, and shed light on the unique challenges we face when trying to start or expand our families.

So, what's in store for this week? In addition to a Fertility-focussed PCD Live event on Wednesday 1st November at 5 pm, we've got six guest blogs from people living with PCD who are sharing their stories about expanding their families. We will also share some summaries about current research on fertility and PCD.

By sharing these personal stories and information about PCD and fertility, our goal is to build understanding, provide support, and inspire hope within the PCD community. These stories offer a glimpse into the complexities and emotions that come with trying to have a family whilst also living with PCD.

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Want more information on PCD and Fertility? Head on over to our dedicated page here.

Trigger Warning: these stories openly discuss pregnancy, IVF, infertility and loss.