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Get Involved in Fertility Research

Call for participants!

Cardiff University are asking those with PCD (18 years of age and over) to take part in a research study looking at thoughts and feelings towards family planning and reproductive decisions. Recent research recommends genetic counselling or fertility counselling prior to having children for those with PCD, therefore, postgraduate research by Cardiff University is being carried out to look into the perspective and experiences of those with PCD. Your input will help to improve the support and information offered to those with PCD. 

The interview will be carried out over the phone or online and will consist of open-ended questions, providing an opportunity to have a conversation about factors influencing reproductive decisions, opinions and experiences of fertility or genetic counselling to support family planning decisions and the effects of PCD-related fertility challenges on individuals.

Participants should not take part in this research if they feel the study will cause distress. 


Am I eligible to take part?  

You need to be: 

·         18 years of age or over

·         Have a diagnosis of PCD 

·         Able to understand and speak English 

·         Willing and able to take part in an interview online or over the phone (roughly 45-60 minutes) 


How can I take part? 

If you are interested in taking part or would like more information about this study and how to get involved, please email Annabel (researcher) at [email protected]. Annabel is an MSc Genetic and Genomic Counselling student at Cardiff University under the supervision of Dr Sarah Milosevic. Interviews are not set for a specific date and the researcher will aim to be flexible and arrange a time that suits you. This part of the research study will aim to finish by the end of February 2024.