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Royal Brompton Hospital: Feedback Wanted

Nov 28, 2023

Calling all adult PCD patients who are under the care of the Royal Brompton Hospital in London. We are in need of your honest feedback via a Service Evaluation Questionnaire.

If you have had an appointment at the Royal Brompton, you should have received an email and/or a text asking you to complete this questionnaire.

We kindly urge you to complete this at your earliest convenience. If you have already completed the questionnaire, please ignore any further emails and/or texts regarding this.

Be aware that the text message may come from a private number, and it will include a link to the questionnaire. We remind you to be vigilant and not to click on suspicious links. If you are unsure, please email the Royal Brompton adult team via their email address below.

If you have not received notification and/or require assistance (such as a paper copy) please email the Royal Brompton adult team directly at [email protected]