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Participants needed for psychological study

Nov 28, 2023

Recent research suggests the need to look into the psychological aspects that may be present as a result of rare diseases. Therefore, postgraduate research by Canterbury Christ Church University is being conducted on Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia and the impact it has on psychological aspects such as well-being, emotions, behaviour and self-esteem. 

Participants should not take part if they feel the study will cause distress or interfere with any medical or psychological treatment.


Am I eligible to take part?

You need to be:

- 18 years or over,

- have a diagnosis of PCD,

- able to understand and speak English,

- willing and able to take part in an online interview.


How can I take part?

If you would like to know more about this study and how to get involved, please contact Karthika (researcher) via [email protected].

Karthika is an MSc student at Canterbury Christ Church University under the supervision of Dr Emma Denby ([email protected])