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PCD Medical Board Meeting 2022

Apr 13, 2024

PCD Medical Board Meeting 2022

The PCD Medical Board Meeting has been running since 2006 and brings together the medical and research community across the whole of the UK. This event is vital as it gets everyone into the same room to talk about everything PCD, ensuring everyone is connected and up-to-date.

This meeting was long delayed from 2020 and all were incredibly keen to chat about their updates and share information about their work on PCD!: 

  • Lucy Dixon - Welcome, introductions + update on PCD Support UK
  • Prof Claire Hogg - PCD Diagnostic Techniques update
  • Dr Woolf Walker - PCD Registry update
  • Dr Manjith Narayanan - Driving forward clinical research for benefit of PCD patients
  • Prof Hannah Mitchison - Genetic Services update
  • Dr Pleasantine Mill - Towards genome surgery for PCD: modelling disease mechanisms and means to turn broken genes back on?

We included a live illustration to capture all that was discussed and a short video summarising the day!


PCD Medical Board Meeting Illustration by Eleanor Beer