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NEW! Rarely Heard podcast: “People in my family didn’t think it was real or fully understand”

Jun 16, 2024

“There are many people in my family who don’t understand [PCD]. My grandparents were very scared for me because they didn’t understand the condition. Whereas other people in my family didn’t really think it was real. […] Perceptions [of PCD] in my family has changed because they’ve seen me talk about it.”

Our Vice-Chair Abdullah Ihsan recently spoke with Rarely Heard podcast about his experience of living with PCD as a British-Pakistani Muslim. In this inspirational conversation he discusses the positive impact of the PCD services on his health, cultural expectations from within his own community, and how he has dealt with questions around fertility. He explains how finding other men to talk about PCD with can be a challenge and why it is important to spread the word about this disease.

Listen in full through the link below or search for "Rarely Heard" wherever you get your podcasts.

Rarely Heard Website Link - Abdullah Ihsan

Did you know clinical nurse specialist Amanda Harris, also spoke with Rarely Heard about her career working in PCD and CF? Full story link.