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Call for participants: Quality of Life Questionnaire

Jun 16, 2024

Call for participants: parents of children with PCD under 6 years of age

We are asking parents of children with PCD (younger than 6 years of age) to help us as we develop a Quality of Life Questionnaire.

In the future we plan to do some studies to investigate different treatments in PCD. To see whether the treatments work, a Quality of Life Questionnaire will allow us to assess whether children feel better or have an improvement in their quality of life. This Quality of Life Questionnaire will do so by asking parents about their child’s health and how it directly affects them, for example, the impact PCD has on their family activities, social life, things that they worry about etc. 

We have already spoke to a large number of parents about how PCD affects their and their child’s lives. This allowed us to develop a list of potential questions to include in our PCD Quality of Life Questionnaire. Now that the questionnaire is developed, we are asking parents to complete the PCD Quality of Life questionnaire and other questionnaires.

If you are interested in taking part or would like more information about this study, please email Laura at [email protected].