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PCD Live: Your genes have style

Nov 28, 2023

Does your specific PCD gene make a difference your symptoms?


What's the talk about?

What is PCD? Why are so many genes involved? Does the gene that causes your family’s PCD make a difference to the symptoms and severity of PCD- lung disease, fertility, cardiac involvement? What if you have PCD but a genetic cause can’t be found? Join us on Monday 30th to find out! 


Who is giving this talk? 

Professor Jane Lucas leads the PCD diagnostic service for adults and children in Southampton. As a paediatric chest doctor she continues to see children diagnosed with PCD, and refers the adults that she diagnoses to the new Adult PCD service. Jane leads an active research programme focussing on PCD, with an interest in its genetics and how this impacts on health and management. 


Important details to note:

Sign up on Eventbrite here: PCD Live: Your genes have style

This event is aimed at those with or affected by PCD, or anyone who has an interest in PCD. Anyone below the age of 18 can attend but must ensure they permission from a parent/guardian to do so. The event will be held via Zoom. We will send out joining details 24 hours before the event. 

This event is scheduled for 5.30-6.30 PM UK time. 

The hashtag for this event is #PCDLive - don't forget to tweet, facebook and insta us!