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PCD Live: Stepping up to the plate

Apr 13, 2024

Join us online for another episode of PCD Live! On Thursday 25th May at 6.30pm we are hosting a talk on nutrition with Emma Farrell and Kaitlin Fitzgerald. Join us by signing up here: PCD Live Eventbrite Link


What's the talk about?

Why is nutrition so important in PCD and what does it actually do? Join us on 25th May to find out about the effects of nutrition and how nutrition can help you or your child’s PCD.


Who is giving this talk?

Emma Farrell is an adult PCD dietitian within the team in Leeds. Emma has enjoyed working to develop the PCD service in the north of England alongside the multidisciplinary team. Emma has a keen interest in helping people overcome barriers to achieve a healthy nutritional status and in turn optimise their PCD management.

Kait Fitzgerald is a paediatric PCD dietitian with the PCD management team based at Southampton Children’s Hospital, who focuses on the growth and nutritional status of children and young people. Kait has a keen interest in selective and sensory eating and helping children and young people with PCD manage their selective eating behaviours.


How do I sign up?

Head to Eventbrite and sign up by clicking on the following link:  PCD Live Eventbrite Link

The joining details will be sent via email prior to the event. The event will be held online on zoom.