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Nov 28, 2023

PCD Live: PCD-ENGAGE, the First Patient-Led Clinical Trial in PCD!

Join us ahead of Rare Disease Day 2023, as we launch PCD-ENGAGE with Aparito. PCD-Engage is the first of its kind: a non drug-based clinical trial, built by people with PCD, for people with PCD! 

Alongside Aparito, this PCD Live will tell you everything you need to know about the trial, how to enrol, and what we are researching. Aparito are a medical technology company who specialise in digitising clinical trials through apps and wearable devices. 

Please note you have to be 14 years and over to take part in this trial. 


Who is giving this talk? 

Elisa holds a Pharmacy degree and a PhD in physiology, and has extensive experience in the health care sector. In the past few years, she worked in the rare disease patient advocacy space, first at EURORDIS, the European umbrella of rare disease patient organisations, and now at Aparito, managing the Patient Group Accelerator, a programme to help co-design digital endpoints in partnership with patient groups. Aparito and PCD support UK have joined forces to co-develop PCD-ENGAGE, the first clinical trial designed by people with PCD, for people with PCD. 


When is the talk? 

The talk will be held on zoom on Thursday 23rd February at 6.30 PM.


How do I sign up?

Head on over to Evenbrite to sign up to this event: Eventbrite PCD-ENGAGE Link

Zoom details will be sent out via email prior to the event.


See you there!