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PCD Live: Antibiotics on Tues 21st March!

Jul 12, 2024

Join us online for another episode of PCD Live! This Tuesday the 21st March at 6pm we are hosting a talk on antibiotics with Dr Mary Carroll. Join us by signing up here: PCD Live Eventbrite Link


What's the talk about?

Mary will talk about how we use antibiotics in the treatment of those with PCD. She will explain what they are, how we use them, and what information we need to decide the best course of action for our PCD patients. She will also explain in what circumstances nebulised or intravenous (IV) antibiotics are advised, and what is meant by antibiotic resistance.


Who is giving this talk?

Dr Mary Carroll is a Lead Consultant for Southampton Adult PCD service. She has been involved in caring for PCD patients since her appointment as a respiratory consultant some 25 years ago. Mary was delighted to be involved in the successful bid to fund Adult PCD as a highly specialist service by NHS England.


How do I sign up?

Head to Eventbrite and sign up by clicking on the following link:  PCD Live Eventbrite Link

The joining details will be sent via email prior to the event. The event will be held online on zoom.