The standards for care document which is published by the European Respiratory Society is available to download from their website.

The PCD State of the Art which is published by the Archives of Diseases in Children is available to download from their website.

Detailed information on cilia, flagella and microtubules, their anatomy and function can be obtained at the CellBiology Web Page

To download Dr. Chris McManus’ research paper click below

Article on P.C.D. written by an American Paediatrician Dr. Girish Sharma in November 2002 – interesting details about drug treatments

For more information about Ear, Nose and Throat management please look at the website for E.N.T. UK

Simon Whalley and Chris McManus’ study into the ‘Living with PCD’ published in October 2006

The UK Pub Med Central website aims to make medical articles freely available to researchers. If you follow the link and enter “Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia” into the “search article” box it finds around 67 articles on the subject which can be viewed, downloaded etc.

A paper published in November 2006 Diagnosis of Common Variable Immunodeficiency in a Patient With Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia – interesting to note that other problems can sometimes be missed because the patient has been diagnosed with PCD

This paper was written for the Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists about Physiotherapy for PCD patients.

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

Covid-19 is very unsettling for all of our PCD community – we will be regularly updating this page with latest information and ideas on how to keep yourselves entertained whilst self-isolating.