It is essential that the patient or carer is both competent and confident before home IV therapy is considered.

Many patients with PCD have to have regular courses of intravenous (IV) antibiotics and it is sometimes possible for them to have these courses at home.

Your PCD Specialist nurse or consultant may suggest this to provide you with more flexibility.

The decision about whether home iv treatment is appropriate will be made each time the patient needs ivs.

Deciding the best place to receive IV antibiotic treatment is influenced by the patient’s condition, availability of family and professional support, geographical location and personal needs and preferences.

If you are allowed to do home IV’s the first dose is always given in hospital.

Learning how to do home IV therapy

A suitably qualified nurse or doctor will teach the patient or carer how to draw up drugs, safely administer IV antibiotics and look after their lines/portacaths.

Many patients will have had IV courses before and already be familiar with the procedure.

Teaching programmes are tailored for individuals at their own pace.

Reassessment may be necessary, particularly if IV courses are infrequent.

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Keeping ahead of COVID-19

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