For this method the patient needs to be comfortable and lies on his/her side in a gravity assisted position.

It can be done on a physio table or pillows so that the patient lies in a tilted position which allows gravity to drain the lower lobe. If the patient lies further back then this drains the middle lobe. However this method should not be used if the patient has reflux problems.

It can be used in conjunction with the ACBT technique.

For children it is helpful to have a physiotherapy wedge. These are normally provided by your local hospital or can be purchased directly from Safefoam – if you telephone 0800 015 44 33 and tell them you have PCD you will benefit from a 10% discount.

For older children and adults it is helpful to use a physio table or ‘Postural Drainage Frames’. Ask your hospital if they have any they can lend you or alternatively they are available from JFC Engineering Ltd, Berna House, Hillbottom Road, Sands Industrial Estate, High Wycombe, Bucks. HP12 4HJ Tel: 01494 447881 or in special circumstances from the PCD Family Support Group. Contact Us.

Autogenic Drainage

Is a 3 phase breathing technique which uses your air flow and gets you to breath at different levels to unstick, collect and evacuate mucus.

It can be completed in any position and can be done at work.

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

Covid-19 is very unsettling for all of our PCD community – we will be regularly updating this page with latest information and ideas on how to keep yourselves entertained whilst self-isolating.