If a hearing aid is recommended, it may only be needed for a few years.

  • Regular hearing tests are important so the child can be supported if there is significant hearing loss.
  • For glue ear the Otovent works by getting the child to blow down one nostril into a balloon to inflate it, thus “popping” their ears. It is not something that has proved useful in long term use, but popping the ears can be helpful in improving hearing.
  • Hearing Aids are recommended if both ears have significant hearing loss and there are signs that the loss is affecting the child’s general, school or speech and language development. If the loss is in one ear, then the other ear will be able to cope.
  • With younger children it is important to help their speech development by talking to them from the front, at slightly raised level and sitting close so they have every chance to hear.

A study of all the children going through the clinic over time has shown that at 3, only 20% of the children have normal hearing, by 6, this is around 60% and by early teens, nearly all are normal.

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