CT scans are seldom needed as part of the diagnostic work up and their use is usually reserved for staging the lung disease.

Imaging in PCD is a useful adjunct to help the clinician assess a patients status, but regular imaging is not necessary in the stable patient.

Chest x-rays can help confirm situs anomalies, and ultrasound should then be used to determine abdominal arrangement of organs where there is a suspicion that organs are arranged in an ambiguous arrangement [heterotaxy]. Chest x-rays are also useful if significant infections or pneumonias are suspected, and may be extremely useful in the diagnosis of ABPA (Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis – a fungal infection which can give you shortness of breath and wheeziness).

CT scans can help the clinician with treatment options, but also be a useful way of reviewing the condition with patients who may not either understand the potential impact of PCD on their lungs or who may not be very engaged in their treatment.

In older children and adults where rhinosinusitis is a problem sinus scans may be required and can help the ENT surgeon determine when surgical intervention is required.

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