It is good to do a sport, but make sure you also do physio, sport can’t really be used as a substitute as it doesn’t affect the lower part of your lungs where a lot of the mucous build up will be.

Physical activity is an important part of development, for muscle strength, bone strength, posture, fitness and lung function. All types of exercise should be encouraged.

Lots of activities can be used including:

  • Taking them to play areas and using the swings, slides, climbing frames and roundabouts.
  • Teaching them to swim, use a trampoline, skip and play hopscotch.
  • PE and sports at school.
  • Whatever your child enjoys and gets them out of breath.
  • Singing and playing wind instruments are also good for the lungs
  • Trampolines are usually popular with children and have proved to be good at helping airway clearance.

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