Attending school trips helps the normal development of a child with PCD

It is important for children with PCD to experience ‘normal’ school activities and they should be encouraged to go on school trips.

If it is a day trip make sure that your child has his/her medication with them and that they have sufficient food and fluids for the day.  It is important that the teacher in charge is aware of their condition and that they are aware of any limitations your child may have.

If your child is going on a residential trip then arrange to meet the person in charge of the trip.

It is important that your child continues to do their physiotherapy – you may have to train a teacher and give them written permission to do the treatment or go with them as a helper if this can be arranged.

Make sure that they have their medication (including nebulisers and physiotherapy adjuncts) with them.  They may find it useful to take some nappy sacks to put tissues in that they have coughed into and then they can seal the bag and dispose of carefully.


Keeping ahead of COVID-19

Covid-19 is very unsettling for all of our PCD community – we will be regularly updating this page with latest information and ideas on how to keep yourselves entertained whilst self-isolating.