Unity and Diversity of Ciliary Systems of Locomotion and Transport Scientific Meeting

Fiona Copeland attended  The Royal Society at Chicheley Hall The Theo Murphy International Scientific Meeting on Unity and Diversity of Ciliary Systems in Locomotion and Transport on the 18th March 2019. The meeting was organised by Professor Gaspar Jekely, Professor Raymond Godstein and Dr Kirsty Wan to bring together biologists, biophysicists and mathematicians all working on motile cilia and to inspire collaboration between different research groups.

The PCD Family Support Group was the only patient group represented and recognised a number of the people there and some of the speakers from papers that I had read. I found the talks fascinating but many of them were very complex with detailed algorithms which were far too complex for my A Level standard education.  All the same it was great to see that there is such a diverse number of new research projects into motile cilia and that this research may be translated at some point into helping patients in the future.

I also used the meeting as a good opportunity to meet new researchers and to help facilitate further collaboration.

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

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