The chance that a child will be affected when both parents carry a PCD gene are 1:4. There is a 1:2 chance of their children being carriers and a 1:4 chance they will not inherit a PCD gene from either parent.

If I have PCD and want to have children, what is the likelihood of me having a child with PCD?

As far as we know PCD is carried by a/some recessive genes.

If you partner is not a carrier for PCD none of your children will have it, but they will be carriers. If your partner is a carrier for PCD (they should show no symptoms) there is a one in two chance that each conception will result in a child affected by PCD If they do not have it, they will be carriers.

Rajinder Kang, a physiotherapist who works within the Leicester PCD Paediatric Management Service has written a book to help explain the genetics for children. Red Shoe Story

For more information about genetics ask to be referred to a genetic counsellor. Further information can be found on the Genetic Alliance Website.

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