We know that the idea of staying inside for at least 12 weeks is tough for most people. The PCD Family Support Group committee have been hard at work thinking of activities that will keep people of all ages entertained during this time! We have split these into types of activity and we hope there is something for everyone. If you have further ideas, get in touch via our social media channels or by emailing comms@pcdsupport.org.uk.  This is just a start but we wanted to get some ideas circulating as quickly as possible. Remember to check our website for updates!

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Joe Wicks: YouTube workouts for all ages. Joe Wicks also does a live PE class for children each morning, Monday-Friday at 9am, on his YouTube channel.

Yoga with Adrienne: Adrienne’s YouTube channel is packed with great yoga videos, including a 30-day programme and yoga for particular people (e.g. people with back problems, runners etc.).

Daily Singing: Online singing lessons.

Housework: Housework can be a really good way of exercising (think vigorous hoovering, reaching high to dust those areas that get forgotten etc.). Children can be bribed with extra pocket money too!

GoNoodle: Free mindfulness and movement videos for children.

Indoor activity ideas April 2020: Indoor activities for children and young people from Leeds Hospital (previous version: Indoor activity ideas March 2020).

Tai Chi: 45 minutes of Tai Chi movements for those with lung conditions. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 2pm. Check Elaine’s twitter for updates.

Dance Lessons with Otis Mabuse: Playlists available for children dance classes as well as dance classes for adults. LIVE weekdays at 11am.

Adam’s Gymnastics: Free gymnastics classes. Also streamed on their facebook.

Cosmic Kids Yoga: Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed specially for kids aged 3+. Free on YouTube.



CLOSED! PCD Family Support Group Poster Competition (16 and under only): Design an educational poster for people with PCD on one of these themes: 1) Washing your hands 2) The importance of physiotherapy and exercise or 3) ‘PCD and Me’. Email a good-quality scan or photo of your child’s poster to comms@pcdsupport.org.uk by 1st June 2020. The winner will be announced at our online AGM. Please include your child’s name and their age. We will contact the winners directly via email. Tune in to our AGM on 27th June to find out the winner!

Cooking – we want to hear about your culinary exploits! Are you cooking with limited supplies? Are you setting an excellent example of ‘no waste’ cooking? Email your images and recipes to comms@pcdsupport.org.uk or Tweet (@PCD_UK) or Instagram (@pcdsupportuk)

Gardening: Windowsill gardening is still possible for those who are shielding. Think about planting cress pots or a windowsill herb gardening. Some good ideas from ‘Back Yard Boss’ here!

Making toys: This video on Facebook has some good ideas to help children make simple, fun toys, including one that might be useful for physio!

Create a photo album: This is a good time to ‘digitalise’ all of your old photos. You could create an online photo album to send to family and friends.

Make a treasure hunt: Find items to hide in the house and write a series of clues to help the searcher locate them.

Design a board game: Plan the theme, think about the rules, make the game and play!

Learn origami: This is a fun way to challenge yourself whilst picking up a new skill.



Yoga with Adrienne: Adrienne’s YouTube channel is packed with great yoga videos, including a 30-day programme and yoga for particular people (e.g. people with back problems, runners etc.).

Headspace: Described as a ‘gym app for the mind’, this app is an excellent resource providing free guided mindfulness and meditative exercises. It has a particular section dedicated to mindfulness during COVID-19.

Coffee & Share: Same but Different is a not-for-profit organisation that uses the arts for positive social change and is running a virtual coffee morning on Thursdays at 10am, using the videoconferencing software, Zoom. The video-conference link is here. To learn more about the organisation, visit their website, here.

Mind: useful tips for how to look after your mental health.

Daily Singing: Online singing lessons.

Every Mind Matters: This is Public Health England’s resource for helping people look after their mental health. It has particular support for dealing with anxiety and mental health issues during COVID-19. It also has a useful ‘Every Mind Matters’ quiz that helps you put together a mental health action plan.

Tai Chi: 45 minutes of Tai Chi movements for those with lung conditions. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 2pm. Check Elaine’s twitter for updates.



DuoLingo – Free language learning app, with lots of languages to choose from and daily prompts.

World Book – 3000 titles are now free to children.

Audible – All children’s stories are now free to listen to.

Khan Academy – Free online courses for Adults and Children. Now is the time to learn something new!

Oxplore – ‘The home of big questions’ is a fun and thought-provoking website that is designed to make you think about global problems from a variety of perspectives. It’s designed for 11-18 year olds but we have found plenty of adults that enjoy it too.

BBC Bitesize – Lots of academic exercises and lessons for ages 3-16+ across many different subjects.

75 museums virtual museum tours: This article by upgraded points has details on each one as well as information on how to do the tours.

10 of the world’s best virtual museum and art gallery tours: This Guardian article collates some of the most impressive museums and galleries in the world and shows you how to walk the corridors of these from your own front room!

Watch beluga whales at Georgia Aquarium’s webcam: A mesmerising look at these mystical animals!

Geoguessr: is a free geography game, where players are shown map image or an image of a famous place and have to guess where it is. Trust us, this is fun for children and adults alike!

Sporcle: this is the world’s largest trivia site and has hundreds of quizzes across all different categories.

Scratch: this is a programming and coding website for children.

Natwest My Money Sense: A free financial education programme for 5-18 year olds.

Codecademy: is a free and useful coding website better suited to adults.

Virtual trip to Yellowstone National Park – a fun and virtual way to explore volcanoes, geysers and much more.

Travel to Mars: Explore Mars with this 360 degree digital camera.

Storytime from space: Watch astronauts read children’s stories in space!

Write a story! You could write your memoirs, or write a diary or even start that novel you’ve always dreamt of writing. For children who need some prompts, check out this fun story prompt generator!

Dekko Comics: 12 FREE comics have been made available online. These are educational comics that turn KS2 school curriculum content into engaging comic strips, smashing motivational barriers to reading and learning. This especially includes Dyslexia and Autism.



Create a timetable: This is a good task for people of all ages for keeping structure and achieving goals. There are lots of free schedule makers available online.

Shop for better deals: You could look for better deals on insurance, subscriptions and other providers such as internet and TV. The particularly organised might look at sorting out their pensions and finances

Use some productivity apps: Lifehack has a list of 40 top apps, here.


Communication software to help you keep in touch

Zoom: https://zoom.us/. Popular video-conferencing software that can accommodate large groups.

Google Hangouts: https://hangouts.google.com/

House party: https://houseparty.com/. A face-to-face social network accommodating groups of up to 8 at a time. Good for keeping in touch with family members. Possible to play games on this. People in your network can ‘join’ your room (your chat!) – lock it if you don’t want anyone to join.

Whatsapp: https://www.whatsapp.com/

Facebook Messenger: https://www.messenger.com/



There are lots of compilations of activities available on social media. Some examples include:


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Keeping ahead of COVID-19

Covid-19 is very unsettling for all of our PCD community – we will be regularly updating this page with latest information and ideas on how to keep yourselves entertained whilst self-isolating.