Provide the school with as much information as possible about PCD, they can contact the PCD Family Support Group if they need any further clarification

It is important for you to choose a school that meets your child’s educational and welfare needs. If possible find a school that is close to home or is easy for you to collect them if they are poorly or need to attend a hospital appointment.

Before your child starts at the school arrange to meet the head teacher and explain how the condition affects your child. Provide them with information in the form of leaflets and tell them that they can contact the PCD Family Support Group if they need any further information.

If your child requires physiotherapy at school find out if the school can do this. Then ask your Respiratory Nurse Specialist to arrange a school visit with a physiotherapist to explain what is required. If they cannot, ask your physiotherapist to review your current physio routine to see if any adaptations can be made.

These are the some of the questions you may want to ask the school:

  • Find out if the school can give medication?
  • Ask about the procedures to ensure your child gets the medication?
  • Ask if your child can sit at the front of the class. If he/she has hearing loss.
  • Does your child need to be reminded to wipe their nose? Can they have a box of tissues near their desk? Can you they have a bin near the desk to dispose of the tissues?
  • Can they leave the room to blow their nose?
  • Can your child not sit near the window with the sun on his/her back? This can cause overheating and then vomiting!
  • Does your child have special educational needs? If so do they require statementing? For more information on statementing click on this link
  • If your child is unable to attend school – find out what the procedures are for them to catch up on work missed and how to advise the school.