Scottish PCD Awareness Day

We were delighted to attend the first Scottish PCD Awareness Day, hosted by Dr Pleasantine Mill and her team at The MRC Human Genetics Unit, University of Edinburgh on Monday, 29th October. It was a significant milestone for our PCD community as members of the Scottish committee, patients, families, clinical and research experts, met to share their insights and experiences for the first time.

Edinburgh is a hub for cilia research and we enjoyed talks on genetic diagnosis, the testing of potential future therapies and the fascinating genome editing techniques that are being developed at the university. We heard about the challenges of PCD from a clinician’s viewpoint and discussed the urgent need for a comprehensive diagnostic centre and specialist PCD treatment service in Scotland. We ended the morning with a tour of the labs and some fun, hands-on activities.

This was the first of what we intend to be an annual event in October, which is PCD awareness month worldwide.

A huge thanks to Pleasantine, her team and all the speakers who ensured the day was a great success!